Quote on evaluation

“I remember what my old hockey coach used to say to me,” Mike said. “Don’t judge a goalie on his best day, as almost anyone can get hot for a while; judge him on his worst. When he’s not at his sharpest, will he lose you the game; or, can he still play well enough to keep you in it? I judge companies the same way: The real measure is not how they function at their best, on the basis of a single product or particularly good service one day, but how they do at their worst. (The Ice Cream Maker, Chowdhury)

Everyone can be a genius when the right conditions are met.

Everyone seems good enough when things are going well enough.

What you should be looking for is people who grow when things are going wrong. The ones who step ahead when the storm is coming.

Your 100-day project won’t be saved by a day of inspiration, but by the other 99 days of perspiration.


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