Quotes on Money, Love and Retribution

“I don’t care too much for money, for money can’t buy me love” (Can’t Buy Me Love, The Beatles)

“Now, money as a management tool does seem to make sense at first glance. We all love the stuff. And our employees certainly seem to tell us that they want more of it. In theory, money should retain and inspire. But it doesn’t. Money doesn’t buy love, it doesn’t buy happiness and it doesn’t buy commitment. Of course, […] we must offer competitive pay and benefits. […] But today’s worker will not stay at a job – and certainly will not stay committed to a job if she’s not satisfied” (Managing with Carrots, Gostick & Elton)

“One thing that programmers don’t care about. They don’t care about money, actually, unless you’re screwing up on the other things […] That doesn’t mean you can underpay people, because they do care about justice, and they will get infuriated if they find out that different people are getting different salaries for the same work” (A Field Guide to Developers, Spolsky)


  • Pay your employees fairly, according both the job market and their colleagues
  • Once the previous is done, if someone is asking for more money, chances are she’s really asking for more love

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