Interest + Professionalism = Passion

I’ve heard we shouldn’t be asking our partners, suppliers and workers for passion, but for professionalism.

Suppliers who fail to call you back. Vendors who tell you that you shouldn’t worry about the order, but send you the wrong item. Employees who just sit down and wait for the time to leave.

The cause of all of these can be traced back to two roots:

  • They don’t care enough. A lack of interest.
  • They care but can’t do better. A lack of professionalism.

What I found is that is hard to find a passionate person who lacks one or the other. Find the ones with passion and you can count they’ll bring their interest and professionalism with them.

When in doubt, ask for passion.

Bonus hint: Interest and professionalism feeds each other. The pro, when headed to the right goals, will develop interest. The interested one will, with enough time and training, turn into a pro.

Related: The Fallacy of ‘Love What You Do’, Jason Fried,


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