Your boss doesn’t need you to tell her she is right

Henry Dobson is a character from House M.D. series. In the fourth episode of season#4, House dismissed him after making a series of RIGHT decisions on a patient’s treatment.

Just before Dr. House finishes telling him he is fired, Henry, the old applicant tells House:

“you don’t need someone to tell you what you’re already thinking”

Take that into account. Your boss knows what she knows. She agrees with herself. And if the best thing you can do is to tell her she is right, you are, at best, being shortsighted.

Telling someone that she is wrong is hard, and you need to be brave and smart for doing it. But for your boss, this is priceless.

By the way, if discussing with subordinates is a problem for your boss, you’d better start searching for a braver and smarter new boss.

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