I’m a project manager, computer scientist, amateur writer, avid reader, volunteer, goal-oriented person… And I’m also becoming a tennis player (about.me)

You can find about my career on IT by downloading my pdf resume.

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If you’re curious enough you can see last challenges I’ve proposed to myself, and if I could made them

And the whole story on a few paragraphs, right down here…

jetai_jima_dire_I was seven when I got my first job, as the promoter on a table-football tournament for the kids on my neighborhood. We sold tickets a cent a match. From then on, I’ve never stopped thinking on business models, systems, communicating ideas and managing people. I’ve served as foreman or co-founder for sports championships, university IT workshops, a start-up, community teams and IT project teams.

I’ve been involved in software development since I was eleven. I created an unlicensed Star Wars simulator, where an X-shaped star fighter battled its H-shaped counterpart. Many years after, I co-founded a start-up that won the European App Cup. For the last sixteen years I’ve been working for banking, security, augmented reality, big data, video analysis, user interface design, mobile, web and desktop applications.

I’ve been managing change since I left my birthplace to study my B.S. on software engineering. As a football referee, I dealt with criticism and learned how to outperform on difficult environments.

I communicate effectively since on high school, when I won a trophy on a contest of junior journalists, and I keep on writing on project management on social media. I’ve talked about my projects on radio and television while learning how to synthesize and adapt my message to each audience.

89bits_backgroundAs an entrepreneur I learned how difficult and rewarding is starting up a business. As a tennis player and football goalkeeper, I trained my will to challenge my limits and I’ve improved my strength of mind to overcome hard times. I keep calm and transmit confidence during crisis, I’m used to work under pressure while being a catalyst for teamwork.

Since high school, when I was awarded as the “Most Supporting” by my teammates, until today, managing teams up to fifteen people both remote and on-site, I value teamwork over getting personal credit. My main task is facilitating the workflow of the members of the team, amplifying its results, and multiplying its productivity.


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