Quotes on power and responsibility

“with great power comes great responsibility” (Uncle Ben, Spiderman)

“Management now builds companies around people, not factories […] this gives employees far more power than ever before. Truly talented individuals are worth more, because when they move from one organization to another, they bring more value with them. But this power also brings a huge responsibility to the individual. If your boss isn’t giving you the opportunity to zoom, you have to protect your personal mDNA and leave for a job in which you can improve it. […] Smart, talented employees will work to maximize the value of their mDNA. Smart, talented bosses will work to find and keep those smart employees” (Survival is not enough, Seth Godin)

When looking for a job, search for companies that let you grow. And then do your best, until you have grown enough.

When looking for an employee, search for people that want to grow. And then empower them to do their best, until they have grown enough.

Whether you’re hiring or being hired, you have both power and responsibility. Use your power. Accept your responsibility.